Orphans Know More:

Our team was intended to find an Orphanage where we could set up a Library for the children residing there to Provide the learning environment to them also we are intended to set up a PC for the use of Children.


After visiting many Orphanages we found one in G8/4 Islamabad named “Beheshte Mustafa” where we felt a deficiency of such a learning environment. We have signed an MOU document with the officials to proceed with our activities Further. We have launched our social media campaign for fundraising and Book Drive. We are trying to ensure the books collected by Book Drive must be according to the academic level of children. We have already arranged a CPU and much of the donations are collected.

Signed MOU

We make flyers to post on social media. The first one is our main flyer as all the details are described our project. The second one is specific for the book drive.


The first challenge we faced was people usually feel shy in contacting us mostly other than office timings, So what we did we used Google forms and attached the links with our Posts So whenever someone will fill that form we will personally approach him/her.

The second challenge we faced was that ladies usually hesitate to contact any boy when they are willing to donate. So one of our lady group members gave her contact volunteering in the Post to overcome this issue.

The third challenge we realized when we put the posts for donations and book drive on our statuses. People usually ignore the posts. So we decided to send the posts and our message into the inbox of our contacts to maximize the impact.

Forth challenge we faced was the lack of donations we received from the social campaign so we decided that every member will also collect donations individually.


Here are two approaches we adopted:

We started using WhatsApp broadcasting to maximize the effect of our campaign of Donation and Book drive.

We started using Google forms to maximize our reach to the people who are willing to donate.

We started meeting people personally on an individual basis to maximize our funds.

We started sharing our signed MOU to maximize the trust of donors.

Current generated Impact:

Currently, we are only working on collecting donations and books by a social media campaign and personal links also we have arranged the amount for a PC.

Sustainability of Project:

We have planned to be in contact with the registered orphanage’s officials and will raise donations for them as much as possible.